Company personnel must be familiar with the principles of cost-efficient and profitable business operations. This is especially important when significant changes take place in the company’s operating environment. Examples of development projects where we have assisted companies have been linked to the change in electricity market legislation as well as privatization and preparation for stock exchange listing of public sector organizations.
Our specific strengths are in the areas of management and financial accounting, financial administration, and corporate taxation. Our clients include companies and public sector organizations in various industries.
Coaching themes are based around the following areas:

  • Manager and expert financial skills.
  • Accounting and financial statements.
  • Company financial analysis.
  • Financial planning.
  • Management with financial information.
  • Income taxation and value-added taxation.

We build coaching solutions depending on the specific needs of our clients and offer both short-term targeted coaching programs on current topics and long-term development programs.

Examples of financial coaching projects:

  • Company-wide coaching programs covering all company personnel e.g. in the following industries: energy and water utilities, forestry and aviation administration.


To support change processes we offer digital e-learning programs that make it possible for students to study at their own pace independent of time and place.