Business restructuring programs
Plaza Consulting’s business restructuring programs are holistic projects.

On the basis of current state analyses, we create a measurable development program to improve business results. Implementation of development program actions and of necessary changes is part of Plaza Consulting’s core competencies.

Examples of business restructuring projects:

  • A beverage industry company project that covered the following areas: sales and marketing, logistics, production, and quality.
  • A multinational manufacturing company project that resulted in the restructuring of a company business unit for sale.

Production efficiency improvement and control

Production efficiency improvement and control carried out by Plaza Consulting can take place as focused projects or as part of larger restructuring or efficiency improvement programs.

Examples of production efficiency improvement and control projects:

  • Several OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) projects in the beverage industry, which have resulted in significant performance impacts to our clients.
  • Sales and operations planning projects (S&OP) in beverage and steel industries to maximize profitability.
  • Rolling-basis 12-24 month sales forecasting projects in the pulp & paper, steel, and food industries.
  • Several implementations of maintenance systems – covering processes, operational models, and IT implementation – in the food industry.

Sales efficiency improvement programs

Improvement of sales efficiency plays a key role in improving operational results. Plaza Consulting has successfully implemented various sales efficiency projects.

Examples of sales efficiency improvement projects:

  • Transforming a sales organization from product-focused to customer-focused.
  • Need-based customer segmentation using conjoint methods.
  • CRM system comparison and deployment projects.
  • Customer and product profitability analyses.