When renewing strategy, the firm’s management must answer essential questions, such as:

  • Are we achieving the results we want with the selected strategy?
  • Will we be able to maintain our competitiveness with the selected strategy?
  • Are we able to communicate the strategy effectively throughout the organization?
  • Is our strategy clear and understandable?
  • Does our strategy respond to business change demands?

Plaza Consulting works with top management to support the creation of the strategy process and the updating of the strategy. We offer the means to:

  • Ensure the connection and alignment of strategy and objectives.
  • Create a clear and understandable operational model.
  • Ensure the communication of the strategy in the organization.
  • Ensure that the strategy takes into account changes in the operational environment.

Examples of strategic renewal projects:

  • Competitive and market analyses to support an effective strategy process.
  • Facilitation of a strategy process for a global industrial company.
  • Prioritization of a project portfolio to support strategy implementation.